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SPM Mathematics

Maths is definitely not an easy subject to learn by yourself.

Everyone needs a math tutor. Studying maths is important in our education system and in the society in general. We need maths to solve problems and understand the natural world and the cosmos that surrounds us; just ask a one to one maths tutor – who, by the way, could help you land a successful career in fields such as accounting, physics, engineering and statistics.


Maths knowledge can cover a range of subjects. So whether you or your kid needs maths help with elementary school maths or if you’re a high school student looking for help to prepare for your SPM, we have a professional math tutor for you.

We have covered lessons to score SPM Mathematics Paper 1

The questions are objective questions for this paper. Our online tutor will help you step by step to do your rough calculation on the question paper following the Spm Mathematics Syllabus. Do not need to be worried, Practices make perfect ! Plus, you have our professional private tutor to work closely with you to solve the toughest questions you have met in your Mathematical practices. We believe that with our proper guides and commitment, scoring marks on SPM Mathematics Paper 1 is not a difficult task at all.

We have covered lessons to score SPM Mathematics Paper 2

In SPM Mathematics Paper 2, there are Section A and Section B in SPM 2020 and years earlier. Section A consists of 11 questions where you must answer all questions, while Section B consists of 5 questions where you can choose any 4. You are highly recommended to answer all the 5 questions in Section B if you have extra  time. The examiner will mark all 5 questions and choose the questions where you score the highest marks.

Moving forward in SPM 2021, there are Section A, Section B and Section C. Section A consists of 10 questions where you must answer all questions, Section B consists of 5 questions where you must answer all questions while Section C consists of 2 questions where you can choose any 1.

How Our Online Math Tutor Helps You To Score Better Than Average ?

Students are required to show all your formula and steps of calculation for every single question. Our tutors make sure you will not skip any important steps. Our private math tutor will guide you properly on your Mathematic papers. Extra marks will be given for each important step including the final answer. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to miss out any single steps to score a better mark in your SPM Mathematic Paper 2.  If you do not show a particular important step, marks may not be given for that step, as well as all important steps after that step and the final answer, even if they are correct. On the other hand, if your final answer is wrong but some of your steps of calculation work is correct, you may still be given some marks.

Other than that, students are also required to follow strict to the exam scoring rules. Let’s say if the question states that you must express your answer as fraction or decimal, then you must follow the instruction. If a number with infinite decimal places is involved in between the workings, you should take at least 4 decimal places (4 significant figures is not sufficient) to ensure accuracy of the final answer. Otherwise, marks can be deducted if the final answer is less accurate.For questions involving Pi, the question may ask you to use Pi = 22/7. In that case, you cannot use Pi = 3.142 or the value of Pi from the calculator. You must also follow other instructions given in the question.

Our Online tutor will remind you of the SPM mathematics syllabus and tips to score better such as read the question and information given carefully, keep yourself in-check with the time to answer questions and many other scoring tactics. Our tutors also highlight the importance of being practical in guiding our students. We want to make sure our students can apply what you have learnt in our private mathematics online course in order to solve the questions and get the answer correctly.

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    A Private Tutor Can Teach You at Your Pace

    With the current Covid situation, It’s getting tougher to finish all the SPM Mathematic Syllabus ! When you find a math tutor for yourself or your kids, everything you or they used to struggle with will become easier because of tutors’ personalised teaching program based on individual learning styles and speeds.

    The maths tutor may ask to meet to discuss problem areas before starting lessons with you. They will note what level you currently are. They could decide to use classic maths games during instruction or teach core math or show you fun maths magic tricks.

    Tutoring is a tailored help to make sure that the tutee comes first, so the subject becomes fit to the student.


    Improve Problem-solving capabilities

    One on one maths lessons will teach you skills that will help you be more efficient in class as well as improve your problem-solving capabilities; a skill that will come in handy when you face a problem.


    Math knowledge such as mathematical operations, calculus and geometry are all part of our everyday problem-solving skills, even if we don’t realise it. Without understanding those basics, we wouldn’t be able to calculate an item’s price plus tax or compare products to make informed decisions.

    Our Tutor will help you to prepare your own SPM Mathematics Notes

    If you’re thinking about enrolling your kid in a SPM Mathematic class, you’ll witness a boost in their confidence. It’s usually many tiny mistakes in Mathematic paper or a low test score that creates heavy pressure for them to get into the right schools, the highest classes, and more.Our Tutor will help them to prepare their own SPM Mathematics Notes By attending our private tutor class, we promise to make Modern Mathematic a fun subject for your kids, in order to make them more confident in their own abilities to learn.

    Modern Mathematics in SPM is an important subject, falling behind others in a mathematical subject can really affect your future studies and career prospects. Our Private math tutoring promise to give you 100% of the attention of the tutor during your lessons. Sign up today on Tuitiontitan and secure your best online learning lessons in Penang anytime soon !

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