How to Make Preparation for SPM BM Kertas

SPM is just around the corner ! Are you ready for your SPM BM?

We understand that studying for these crucial exams isn’t easy, especially when you’re under pressure with unforeseen Covid-19 circumstances going on.

Are you ready for your SPM BM Kertas 1 & Kertas 2 ?

But when it comes to preparing for these exams, you may need an online private tutor to help you structure your essay or thoughts to do the last round of revision. Most of our students have shown improvement after 3 months of engaging our personal tutor. Besides that, our online home tutors will be focusing more on exam-style questions and correct answering techniques to maximize scores in exams.

Hereby, we’ve carefully compiled the most effective study tips for you. 

#1 Do Not Study Last Minute for SPM

Do not study at the last minute, especially for big examinations like SPM. This is because you might feel sleepy the next morning while sitting for your real exam paper. Subjects like Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry which need a lot of calculations require a fresh mind to brainstorm the answer. However language paper requires consistency in daily life to build up the momentum of writing, reading and creative thinking in order to answer the questions.

#2 Focus on your study

Do not be too nervous about the lack of time to prepare for your SPM examinations or Percubaan SPM.Memorize the important points only and this will help you to score with flying colors in exams and it will make your brain work actively when you answer the questions or write an essay . 

Now if anxiety happens, try to divert yourself from your study table. Then, start to do some light activities like stretching your body to relax your mind. This way will help you to ease the stress during preparation of SPM.

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”
- Art Turock

#3 Be Confident Of Yourself 

We do easily give up on revising for our SPM sometimes. These study tips for SPM would be the most effective for you, to keep you hard working all the time. Should you need any assistance from our private online tutors, we are happy to assist you to pass your SPM Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1 & SPM Bahasa Melayu Kertas 2 with flying colours.

#4 Practice consistency in writing

Build your momentum to continuously improve your Malay language skills in your daily life. Try to speak and write more in Malay language, and read more Malay books, magazines and newspapers.You are advised to attend an online tuition to polish your skillset.

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    #5 Memorizing catchy introduction or phrases

    You should memorise some good Pendahuluan, Penutup and Ayat judul so that you can use them when writing your essay. You need to read, understand and remember the Tema, Persoalan, Latar, Plot, Teknik Plot, Watak & Perwatakan, Nilai & Pengajaran as well as their examples for the Novel and all Prosa Tradisional, Puisi, Cerpen and Drama for both Form 4 and Form 5. Our online tutors will prepare you a list of peribahasa in the syllabus. You should understand and remember all the peribahasa and their meaning and usage. This will help you to answer the Peribahasa questions in the Tatabahasa section. Usually 2 of the 3 questions are based on the peribahasa in the syllabus.

    #6 Words Limit 

    Make sure your essay is more than 200 words. Marks will be deducted if your essay is less than 200 words. However, you can write more than 250 words and there is no limit on how long you are allowed to write. Your marks will not be deducted and the examiner will continue to mark your whole essay. You are advised to write your essay between 300 and 600 words.

    #7 Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

    Avoid making grammatical errors in your essay. Refer to the question often when writing your essay to avoid writing out of topic. If you need help, Tuition.my is a trustable platform for you to find a reliable online home tutor to prepare for the upcoming SPM Malay tests. We are happy to assist you to level up your confidence in scoring SPM BM Kertas with our qualified home tutors at an affordable fee. 

    #8 Ask Your Teacher!

    The best and most effective way is to ask your teachers! If you have doubt, immediately approach your BM teacher and ask him/her. Clarify your doubts and make sure to take note of what being taught. This will greatly help you in your study.

    Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards preparing for your SPM exams! Now all you need to do is execute this plan or request a tutor from us and you’ll be on your way to scoring those As.We hope that the above tips can put your mind to the whole learning process and help you to prepare yourself in SPM BM Kertas 1 & SPM BM Kertas 2. 

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