5 SPM Online Study Tools to use right now!

Student studying online

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free online learning platform that provides short lessons in forms of videos which is available for FREE! The Number 1 SPM Online Study tool that every student should know and should be using!


The videos tutorials provided are delivered short, concise, and understandable fashion.  It is suitable for primary school up all the way to university level.


No more reading boring textbooks which are difficult to understand. This online learning tool helps you to understand and learn in a more engaging way!


As you can see from the image above which is a screenshot taken from Khan’s Academy YouTube page. There are plenty of subjects for you to choose on!

OR you can go over to the iOS for Apple users or play store for Android users and download their Learning Platform Apps where you can Stream Tutorial videos for FREE!

2. Evernote – Personally My Favorite SPM Online Study Tool

Why not ? Evernote has been the most useful tool for me when I was taking SPM and STPM. If you are still writing your own notes and scurrying for your lecture notes when u need them, try Evernote, and you wont lose your note Ever! Writing notes in the classrooms are dreadful, aren’t they?


Organize your notes in a single place with this Neat and cool feature which allows you to create systematic way of storing and accessing your notes whenever you need.


Did you just miss your last lesson in school? No worry as your friend to share it to you with the sharing features which allows you to share notes between you and your friends.

You written down your note on your phone. Now how do I get it on to my computer? Easy. Just Sync it with your desktop Evernote App to view notes that are stored in your phone in your Desktop!

3. YouTube

YouTube is probably the number 1 go to website for instant entertainment in your palm. However, it can be utilized for your education. Here are some of the list of YouTube Channels that provide you with high quality and premium educational contents totally FREE!  Like seriously, do you still need any SPM online tuition or in fact any other online tuition class  when you have Youtube ?

3.1 Chegg (Click to visit the YouTube Channel)


  • Chegg offers various educational lessons content material served in a video format which are easily followable and has helped many students in their studies. Definitely worth checking out. University and Pre-University students studying A-levels, Degree, Foundation or in Degree programme well find it particularly useful.

3.2 The Organic Chemistry Tutor (Click to visit the YouTube Channel)


  • Another YouTube channel that you should be following is this channel right here which as garner over 1.68 million subscribers for their awesome talk and chalk styles videos, explaining and visualizing at the same time. Complicated concepts will be broken down using a simple explanation that would aid in your understanding. Suitable for SPM , IGCSE students year 7 and above or those studying in high school.

3.3 Khan Academy (Click to visit the YouTube Channel)

  • Previously, I have recommended this online learning platform which apparently have a YouTube channel as well which offers thousands of hours of instructional video contents which are easily grasp and engaging at the same time. This is one of the go-to SPM online study tool to have if you wish to learn online.

3.3 MITOpenCourseWare (Click to visit the YouTube Channel)


  • This channel offers free University Lecture recordings of Live University Lecturers which are thought in classrooms offered free to you. Head on over to this channel to start learning. It’s mostly advanced university lectures so it will be much useful for highly enthusiastic University Students.

4. Bank Soalan SPM

Get free SPM past year papers from this website. This website offers the largest collection of SPM past year paper that you can find anywhere, and its available to you for FREE!

5. StudyBlue

Revisions was never easier with study blue. So what is exactly studyblue? It allows you to memorize notes easily by using their interesting flash cards that are proven to help you memorize facts 2 times faster. This app is available free on the Google playstore.


You can customize and design your own flash cards to your own liking and preference. It’s simple and intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use. After creating a bunch of flash cards like this, organize them systematically and create your own library of flash cards!


Start learning today! There is no better time to start than now! With all these tools in your hands, now it’s up to you to use them to your advantage!.

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